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The AFA Negotiating Team has been meeting with the District throughout the academic year, working on a number of articles in our continued effort to expand and clarify faculty rights.

Our goal is to finalize the Tentative Agreement language by mid-May and hold our General Meeting for the Membership on Monday, May 16.

Here is an update on the work we’ve been doing.

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In these uncertain times, you may be asking yourself: What has AFA been doing for me lately?

In light of recent challenges to unions at both the state and national level, it is all the more important to understand how you benefit from your AFA membership.

Day in and day out, AFA is busy advocating for ALL faculty—by responding to numerous phone calls and email messages to AFA staff and officers; through representation of its members in meetings with department chairs, deans and other administrators; by providing publications and sponsoring events of interest to faculty members; and, of course, through the year-long negotiations process.

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Small Hr Changes to Contract language are subject to approval by the AFA Membership and ratification by the Board of Trustees. Voting on these changes and other provisions of the annual Tentative Agreement (TA) typically occurs late Spring semester; announcement of the 2016 TA and election is pending.  Are you an eligible voting AFA Member? How can you be sure?  Read more »
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AFA Publications Workgroup:  Marc Bojanowski-Publications Coordinator, Terry Ehret, Mark Ferguson, Michelle Hughes Markovics, Sean Martin, Terry Mulcaire, Julie Thompson, and Michelle Van Aalst.