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2014-17 Contract:
2014-15 MOUs

2011-14 Contract:
2013-14 MOUs
2012-13 MOUs
2011-12 MOUs

Article 21 ver2007-09


AFA Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) 2015-16

The District and AFA have reached agreement on the following Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), which will be incorporated into the next Tentative Agreement to be ratified by the AFA membership and the Board of Trustees:

MOU Article 16: Department Query of Interest
Mar 9, 2016
 930 KB
MOU Article 16: "Professional Ancillary Activities" and Instructor of Record
Mar 9, 2016
 422 KB
MOU Article 10: Clarifies District Contributions to HSAs
Sep 8, 2015
 319 KB
MOU Article 10: Clarifies Medical Benefits Provisions of 2015 TA           
    (fully paid for PRWR, Blue Shield HMO added, same plans avail for AMBP,
     Blue Shield PPO faculty-pd premium reduction for 2015-16 & 2016-17)
Jul 21, 2015
 49 KB

What is a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU?
A memorandum of understanding is a negotiated agreement between the recognized representative of the employees' bargaining agent. Here at SRJC this means a written, negotiated contractual agreement between the District and The All Faculty Association (AFA). These agreements set out conditions of employment (wages, hours, fringe benefits) for a stated period of time. Beyond conditions of employment the agreement will also contain a procedure for settling grievances over the application or interpretation of the agreement and may include terms governing the parties relationship (Pocket Guide to the Educational Employment Relations Act 102).

What happens to MOUs?
All negotiated agreements must be voted on or ratified by the AFA membership and the SRJC Board of Trustees. When AFA and the District sign an MOU, that written agreement or change to the Contract is in force and becomes part of the tentative agreement, which subsequently goes to the AFA membership and the board of trustees for voting approval.
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