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Select FACCC's Guide to Filing for UI Benefits link to the right for step-by-step help with your benefits app.

Latest FACCC News about Filing for Unemployment Benefits 07.14.09


Adjunct Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits

AFA UI "click to AFA" Publication  
Appeal Assistance from AFA:  Contact the AFA Adjunct Cabinet Representative
Appeal Letter: How to respond to a denial from EDD  (PDF)
  (60 KB)
Cervisi Decision  (PDF)
  (8 KB)
Community College PT Faculty Unemployment Compensation Handbook (PDF)  
(44 KB)
CUIC California Unemployment Insurance Code   
CUIC Sections re: Reasonable Assurance Continued Employment   
EDD Field Directive  (PDF)
  (8 KB)
EDD: "A Guide to Benefits and Employment Services" (PDF)  
EDD Website  
FACCC PT Faculty Issues & Information  
FACCC PT Faculty Listserve   click "+ Join Group" to follow threads on UI and other PT issues  
FAQs - Filing for Unemployment Benefits On-Line (PDF)
  (268 KB)
Guide to Filing for UI Benefits (11/09 FACCC PPt Presentation) (PDF)
 (252 KB)
Tips for Handling EDD Phone Interviews by Cliff Liehe, Adjunct Faculty at CCSF (PDF)
(320 KB)
  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 10/02/18