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Welcome to the new Adjunct Section of the AFA Web site!



As an adjunct faculty member, you earn sick leave at the rate of one hour for every 17.5 contact hours (including summer school).  You may use your accumulated sick leave for leaves related to Adoption, Maternity, and Personal Necessity.  You may also be eligible for leaves that are not deducted from your accumulated sick leave, such as Initial Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty leave.  You may also be eligible to apply for Additional Bereavement Leave and Catastrophic Leave.

For more information you can also refer to Article 18 of the Contract.

Excerpt from AFA's semi-annual Publication, "Article 16 Primer:"  (See AFA Publication Archives.)
What happens if I don't get an assignment, or if I take a [unpaid] break?
If you don't have an assignment for one or two consecutive semesters, you remain on the length-of-service list, and you maintain both your position on that list and your right to the offer of an assignment in future semesters. Not having an assignment during any given semester will, however, give you a like load of zero for that semester, which means that your initial offer in a future like semester will be one class (typically a 20% load if available, or the most previous like load, whichever is less).  [See Contract Article 16.04.C.1.d.]

If you do not have an assignment for more than two consecutive semesters (fall, spring, fall; or spring, fall, spring), you will lose assignment priority and your place on the length-of-service list. This is true regardless of your reason for not having an assignment—that is, it doesn't matter whether you wanted work and didn't get it, or decided to take a few semesters off. (Note that if you work only during the summer, and you perform an assignment every summer, you maintain your assignment priority and your position on the length-of-service list.)

If you do not have an assignment for more than four calendar years, you lose your position in the adjunct faculty pool and must reapply. See the February 10, 2012 AFA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

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