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Welcome to the new Adjunct Section of the AFA Web site!


Hourly Assignment Procedures

Hourly Assignments are any assignments that remain available after all contract faculty assignments have been determined for the fall or spring semester. Hourly assignments also include both overload assignments for contract faculty and adjunct faculty assignments. All summer session assignments are hourly assignments.

Each department has its own policy for making hourly assignments. These policies must conform to Article 16 of the AFA Contract. You should read both Article 16 and your Department-Specified Procedures (DSPs), so that you will know what the procedures are for requesting and being offered an assignment. Some departments have different procedures for summer assignments in their DSPs.

The District has the Right of Assignment. This right is the Districts authority for the development of class schedules and the right to assign faculty. The District has no obligation to employ faculty engaged in hourly assignments beyond those in law and expressed or implied in the guidelines described in Article 16. However, it is the Department Chair (or faculty Program Coordinators/Directors), working in consultation with the Supervising Administrator, who creates the schedule of classes or allied services to be offered, and the times and locations when and where they are to be offered. The chair usually starts the scheduling process for next semester early in the present semester.

By the end of the first week of the semester (and Oct. 1 for Summer Term), your department chair will send an email message to both regular and adjunct faculty, soliciting interest in hourly assignments for the next term. You are expected to respond within 14 calendar days to this request.

Once all these requests are in, all hourly assignments are made according to your departments policy. At this point, there is no distinction between adjunct faculty requesting an assignment and regular faculty requesting an overload. All are hourly assignments and are determined using the same procedure and length-of-service list in the department. This list ranks all faculty with offer rights in the department by departmental date of hire; it is maintained by your department and updated each semester. This list should be available to all faculty and on file in the department office. It is also posted on the AFA website.

Typically, by the end of the tenth week of the semester, the Schedule of Classes is posted on the SRJC Web site for the following term. The electronic posting of the Schedule constitutes notification of the offer of an assignment.

After electronic posting, should any new hourly assignments occur, department chairs may make these assignments to whomever they choose, as long as all faculty members in the department with offer rights already have been offered their due established load.

The development of the Schedule of Classes is a complicated process. Chairs, Coordinators, and Administrative Assistants put in hours of work to make sure that students are served. Supervising Administrators review and approve the Schedule, and the Scheduling Office then performs the enormous task of putting it all together. The role of AFA in this process is to protect your rights in getting an assignment you deserve.

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