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Faculty Voluntary Reduction

As part of the Tentative Agreement ratified by the membership on September 18 2009, Article 26 of the Contract was modified to permit any faculty member to voluntarily take a salary reduction on top of the present faculty mandatory 0.565% salary reduction. The savings from these reductions can be directed only to instructional and faculty programs.  A special Foundation account has been created and the customized form for an automatic payroll deduction is available by clicking https://santarosajc.ejoinme.org/MyPages/DonationPage/tabid/79231/Default.aspx.  Simply fill in the form online indicating your monthly contribution preference, and submit it to the SRJC Foundation.

Excerpt from the signed August 6, 2009 MOU, Agreement for Voluntary Payroll Deductions for Faculty Donations to Supplemental Instructional Programs:

The faculty is willing to make voluntary contributions to the SRJC Foundation as long as those contributions can be used to support the instructional programs.
AFA and the District agree to the following:
1.      AFA will work with the Foundation to create a Foundation account to facilitate voluntary payroll deductions for faculty who want to donate a percentage of salary to supplement instructional programs. The superintendent/president will ask the Foundation to waive the 2% administration fee for this account.
2.      AFA and the District will jointly administer the Foundation account. Money from the account will be moved to the General Fund only with joint approval by the vice president of Business Services, the vice president of Academic Affairs, the AFA president, and the Academic Senate president. The funds will only be moved for specifically designated purposes such as:

  • Increasing the numbers of sections.
  • Increasing the numbers of instructional hours directly related to student success (i.e., instructional assistants, lab assistants).
  • Increasing the numbers of allied hours (counseling and library).
  • Augmenting departmental and program budgets where the need is demonstrable.
3.      AFA will actively solicit donations from all faculty. AFA will use campus mail, campus email, and postal mailing to adjunct home addresses. The District will provide mailing labels for adjunct faculty.
  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 08/08/16