effective March 1, 2012

FACCC Contract Membership:  Frequently Asked Questions

What is FACCC?

The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) is the only statewide professional membership association that advocates solely for all California Community College (CCC) faculty.

FACCC is faculty driven and professionally managed. Its board of seasoned faculty professionals works cooperatively with unions and academic senates to ensure that faculty voices are heard in the halls of government and across the state.

Since 1953, FACCC has represented CCC faculty to promote funding, academic freedom, and retirement benefits. FACCC successfully advocates for faculty in the State Capitol, the State Chancellor's Office, and the State Teachers' Retirement System.

FACCC's members come from all 112 CCC campuses. FACCC is supported by the individual memberships of over 10,000 California community college faculty.

See FACCC's website at


What does FACCC do?

FACCC is dedicated to representing faculty interests in Sacramento. Its professional staff and volunteer leaders testify at hearings, meet with legislators, and organize policy forums to promote the message of community college faculty.

FACCC communicates with its members through its Weekly Email, bi-monthly newsletter, InFACCC, and quarterly, award-winning journal, FACCCTS.

FACCC's sister corporation, FACCC Education Institute (FACCC EI), organizes workshops and conferences for faculty across California. FACCC EI also provides policymakers with research materials on community college issues.

FACCC and FACCC EI are governed by a 24-member board (23 faculty leaders plus the executive director), which receives guidance from 10 standing committees.


What has FACCC accomplished for California Community College faculty?

Here is a short list of some of FACCC's important accomplishments over the last five decades:

  • Led the movement for the creation of the State Academic Senate.
  • Fostered collective bargaining rights in the California Community Colleges.
  • Co-sponsored AB 1725, the major community college reform bill addressing shared governance, full-time faculty hiring, and professional development.
  • Sponsored AB 3099, which established the Part-Time Faculty Health Benefits program, and AB 301, which created a program for Part-Time Faculty Office Hours.
  • Co-sponsored AB 2804, AB 1102, AB 1150, and SB 1528, which all increased CalSTRS benefits by an average of $600 per month for faculty members retiring after 1998.
  • Sponsored request to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which led to major changes in compliance of the Fifty Percent Law.
  • Co-sponsored AB 420, which led to improvement in Part-Time Faculty Office Hours and Health Benefits, and creation of the equity fund.
  • Helped develop, write, and qualify Proposition 92, the Community College Initiative, for the 2008 ballot.

What is FACCC Contract Membership, and what are the benefits?

In Fall 2011, the AFA Membership approved FACCC Contract Membership. This agreement establishes a partnership between FACCC and SRJC faculty, providing access to FACCC membership to each faculty member of our bargaining unit. This FACCC membership is funded through AFA dues assessments.

This agreement runs year-to-year, and either party may terminate it at the end of an academic year with sufficient notice to the other party.

     FACCC Contract Membership provides SRJC faculty with:

  • A stronger voice in Sacramento and a seat on FACCC's Board,
  • Access to FACCC's resources, and advice in State budget matters and local negotiations,
  • Annual educational forums and individualized training seminars here at SRJC, and
  • Information and individualized assistance in dealing with CalSTRS and EDD.

Am I a FACCC member?

New March 2014!...  All contract faculty members, as well as all adjunct faculty members with assignments of more than 20%, are automatically FACCC members. Those adjunct faculty members with assignments of 20% or less may join FACCC at no cost by completing the membership application at FACCC_status.pdf.

Any faculty member may request to opt out of FACCC membership by emailing the AFA office (

Changing your FACCC Membership status will not change your AFA dues assessment.

As a FACCC member, you will receive FACCC publications. You will also be eligible to vote in FACCC elections each April and to serve on FACCC committees.


As a FACCC member, which publications will I receive?

As a FACCC member, you will receive the email publication FACCC Weekly, which details the latest pertinent education information for community college faculty.

You also have the option of receiving the award-winning FACCCTS, the quarterly journal, offering information, analysis, and provocative points of view about the politics, philosophy, and practice of education. FACCCT's primary purpose is to provide a forum for faculty and the California Community Colleges "community." To have this journal mailed to your home, complete the form at FACCC_status.pdf. If you were an individual member of FACCC as of Fall 2011, you will continue to receive FACCCTS as before; there's no need to complete this form.


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