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FALL 2014

by Warren Ruud, Regular Faculty Member in the Mathematics Department, AFA Chief Negotiator

SRJC campus

The big news around the AFA office this fall is the brand-new 2014-17 AFA-District contract. You can take a look at the new online PDF version at http://www.santarosa.edu/afa/articles.shtml.

Here are the highlights of this new contract:

  • Return to Rank Ten salary schedules for the first time since 2008-09
  • Continuation of Kaiser and SISC Blue Shield medical group plans
  • Increased compensation for faculty chairs guaranteed for the next three years
  • Defined job duties and increased compensation for faculty coordinators
  • Increased compensation for faculty with lab assignments that require significant preparation and assessment. (Implementation subject to Senate-District Task Force findings)
  • Increased compensation for faculty with Work Experience assignments
  • Increased compensation and reader support for faculty with large-lecture assignments
  • Uniform maximum class sizes for each course based on "pedagogical principles"
  • Accessibility compliance support for faculty with online assignments
  • Contract page count reduced by 15 percent, with clearer and more understandable content

Even though it's been only four months since negotiations on the new contract were finalized, the AFA team is back at the table with the District, working on a number of contractual issues for 2015-16. Of course, the final discussions on the big-ticket items—salary and health benefits—await the outcome of the State budget process for 2015-16.

Budget and salary, benefits, also on the negotiations table this year... Read more »

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AFA Publications Workgroup:  Matt Murray Publications Coordinator, Paulette Bell, Paula Burks, Terry Ehret, Karen Frindell Teuscher, Michelle Hughes Markovics, Sean Martin, Warren Ruud, and Julie Thompson.