Two New MOUs for 2010-11


So far this year, AFA and the District have signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). The Article 13 MOU establishes a Department Chairs and Coordinators Task Force to study the issues surrounding the use of reassigned time for District administrative work done by faculty. Task force members include Dianne Davis and Jack Wegman from the AFA Negotiating Team, Kris Abrahamson and Mary Kay Rudolph from the District Negotiating Team, Karen Frindell Teuscher and Susan Wilson from the Department Chair Council, and program coordinator Dan Famini. (Click here to read the Article 13 MOU.)

The Article 8 MOU establishes the Compressed Calendar Negotiations Task Force. This task force will research impacts on students, student life, student success, retention, and persistence; develop at least one model that might be implemented at SRJC; and make recommendations to the AFA and District negotiating teams. The task force consists of five AFA appointees: Mary Pierce (co-chair), Karen Frindell Teuscher, Ann Herbst, Warren Ruud, and Audrey Spall; and five District appointees: Kimberlee Messina (co-chair), Kris Abrahamson, Abe Farkas, Greg Granderson, and Diane Traversi. (Click here to read the Article 8 MOU.)



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