AFA Sponsors Workshops
for Adjuncts Applying for Tenure-Track Positions


AFA is sponsoring the second in a series of two workshops designed to provide support to SRJC adjunct instructors applying for tenure-track positions currently open at SRJC and elsewhere. The Interview Skills Workshop is scheduled for Monday, March 14th, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Room #4245 on the first floor of the Doyle Library on the Santa Rosa Campus. This workshop is open to ALL adjunct faculty at SRJC. Workshop facilitators include faculty and staff from the Counseling and Work Experience Departments and the Career Center. Bev Henningsen, Amy Merkel, Audrey Spall, and Catherine Wilson will offer tips and techniques to help participants answer interview questions and avoid the most common interviewing mistakes. They will also present ideas for effective teaching demonstrations and discuss group interviews. A question-and-answer period will follow. Flex credit has been approved.

Whether you're interviewing here at SRJC or at another college—or just want to start honing your skills for possible interviews in the next year or two—please plan to join us!

The upcoming Interview Skills Workshop follows last month's Resume Writing Workshop. On February 11th, AFA sponsored the Resume Writing Workshop for adjunct faculty interested in learning or enhancing their resume skills. The workshop was approved for Flex credit. Four workshop presenters and five adjunct instructors attended. Participants were from Physical Education, Dance & Athletics; Applied Technology; Counseling; Behavioral Science; and Industrial & Trade Technology. Presenters shared samples of resumes and cover letters, offering a comprehensive and practical review of different styles and functions of these documents. They also provided tips on how to make a resume stand out from the crowd and highlight transferable skills from industry and volunteer work. Presenters strongly encouraged participants to research both the department and the college they're applying to before drafting a resume and conducting an informational interview. The workshop ended with each presenter individually reviewing the participants' resumes and offering advice. (Click here to watch the video of the workshop online.)



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