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It's hiring season at colleges across the state and, here at SRJC, several departments are currently accepting applications for full-time positions. Some of those applications will come from the departments' own adjunct faculty. While departments recognize that "outside" candidates can offer fresh perspectives due to their work on other campuses and in other parts of the country, "inside" candidates can offer firsthand knowledge of the student body we serve, the needs of their departments, and the programs and service needs of the college. In the spirit of recognizing the value and excellence of many of our adjunct faculty who will be applying for contract positions this year and in the future, we offer this Resolution, unanimously approved by the AFA Executive Council at its February 9th, 2011 meeting.


AFA Resolution for Hiring SRJC Adjunct Faculty in Contract Positions

(Unanimously adopted by the All Faculty Association Executive Council on February 9, 2011)


WHEREAS adjunct faculty have played an indispensable role in creating a legacy of excellence at Santa Rosa Junior College; and

WHEREAS adjunct faculty offer students a wide scope of real-world experience and professional expertise; and

WHEREAS adjunct faculty at Santa Rosa Junior College are held to high standards of professional preparation and performance; and

WHEREAS adjunct faculty are a significant part of the institutional programs and academic culture at Santa Rosa Junior College; and

WHEREAS Santa Rosa Junior College, now entering an era of unprecedented recruitment for contract faculty positions, would benefit significantly from filling these positions with dedicated and excellent adjunct faculty members who understand the needs of our diverse student body;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Council of the AFA affirm its commitment to and advocacy of the hiring of Santa Rosa Junior College adjunct faculty into contract positions, and that it devote its efforts and resources to ensuring that these adjunct faculty be given fair and serious consideration in contract faculty recruitments now and in the future.



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