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ACCT's charge is to recommend a fair ratio of adjunct and regular faculty seats on the All Faculty Association Executive Council.  Based upon the team's research, the final report may include additional recommendations to the Council.  The team will present its report no later than the December 8, 2010 meeting.  The Council is then charged with a thorough deliberation of the team's findings and with determining a course of action. 

Team Members:

  • Ted Crowell - Team Facilitator - Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
  • Lara Branen-Ahumada - Adjunct Faculty, P.E., Dance & Athletics, Th. Arts, AFA Councilor/Negotiator
  • Barbara Croteau - Contract Faculty, Petaluma Business Administration
  • Therese Ehret - Adjunct Faculty, Petaluma English
  • Brenda Flyswithhawks - Contract Faculty, Behavioral Sciences, AFA Councilor
  • Andre Larue - Contract Faculty, Social Science
  • Mike Starkey - Adjunct Faculty, Computer Studies, AFA Councilor

AFA EC Minutes 5.12.10 discussion to form AFA Council Composition Team (ACCT)
AFA EC Minutes 9.8.10 action to form AFA Council Composition Team (ACCT)
AFA ED Minutes 12.8.10 ACCT presentation of report findings


05.06.11 AFA Members vote to approve proposed changes to the AFA Constitution Article IV. [pdf]

04.27.11 Draft changes proposed to the AFA Bylaws Article II pending Executive Council approval. [pdf]

04.27.11 Executive Council approves sending forward to the AFA Membership for vote the Starkey-Marktin proposed changes to the AFA Constitution Article IV. AFA Membership balloting period runs 04.28.11 - 05.06.11. [pdf]

04.11 Constitutional change proposal received from Members Mike Starkey and Sean Martin pending Executive Council approval. [pdf]

02.09.11 AFA Executive Council minutes Action Item #5: Constitutional Proposal: Council Composition. [pdf]

01.26.11 Constitutional change proposal received from Member Warren Ruud. [pdf]

12.08.10 ACCT reports recommendations to the AFA Executive Council, Doyle Library #4245.  Narrative and spreadsheet analysis are posted. [pdf]