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SPRING 2015, Part 2SRJC campus

As this semester winds down, the endgame in this year's negotiations with the District has begun. A flurry of data comes in at this time of year—projected revenue reports from the State, rate increases from our benefits providers, compliance issues from the Chancellor's Office, mandates from ACCJC (the accrediting agency), and on and on. AFA and the District have doubled up on their weekly meeting times since spring break, attempting to complete this year's agenda of negotiation items in time for next week's AFA General Membership Meeting. (For more information on the membership meeting, see above, top left green button.)
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After several years of hard work, AFA and the District have revised Article 16: Hourly Assignments.

AFA and the District shared two common interests. First, Article 16 should be a document that provides clear, fair protections for faculty teaching on an hourly basis. Second, this article should provide chairs, coordinators, and supervising administrators with language that clearly describes how to implement those protections. We've added language that articulates key values of the article—fairness, lack of bias, transparency, and providing a measure of job security to those who teach on an hourly basis—and specific provisions that reflect those values.  Read more »

Small Hr Changes to Contract language are subject to approval by the AFA Membership and ratification by the Board of Trustees. Voting on these changes and other provisions of the annual Tentative Agreement (TA) typically occurs late Spring semester; announcement of the 2015 TA and election is pending.  Are you an eligible voting AFA Member? How can you be sure?  Read more »

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AFA Publications Workgroup:  Matt Murray Publications Coordinator, Paulette Bell, Paula Burks, Terry Ehret, Karen Frindell Teuscher, Michelle Hughes Markovics, Sean Martin, Warren Ruud, and Julie Thompson.