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From time to time, it is necessary for AFA and the District to seek formal interpretations of the Contract, to clarify intent, meaning, and/or procedure. Last fall, AFA and the District established a formal interpretation for Article 14A: Regular Faculty Evaluations and 14B: Adjunct Faculty Evaluations, specifically regarding the meaning of "setting aside" evaluations. To review, please click on the "Formal Interpretation" links next to Articles 14A & 14B on the AFA website.  Read more »

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PRUDENCE NOT PARANOIA: Do You Know What's In Your Personnel File?

Every faculty member at SRJC has a personnel file residing in the Human Resources department inside the Button Building on the Santa Rosa Campus. Most of us probably go about our business, working diligently each day, rarely thinking about our personnel file—or what's in it. It might be wise, however, to spend a few minutes and take a stroll over to Button Hall to visit your personnel file!  Read more »

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AFA's Political Action Committee (PAC) funds have been put to very effective use over the past several years. The source of these funds comes from specified allocations of AFA member dues; however, those allocations were suspended during the recession. Read more about our recent AFA PAC fund contributions and how you can make one-time donations to the AFA PAC at any time of the year.
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