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Unemployment insurance (UI) benefits are not a form of welfare. They are an earned benefit for which you, as adjunct faculty, have the right to apply between terms. Even if you have been offered an assignment for the following term, you may still be eligible for UI benefits from the date of your last final exam up to the date of your first class in the subsequent term.  Click here to read more if you have any of the following questions:

Why are adjunct instructors eligible for unemployment benefits?

How do I file for benefits? 

How much will I receive? 

Once I start receiving benefits, do I have to fill out any forms?

I've heard that EDD is now issuing debit cards instead of checks. Is that true?

Do I have to pay income taxes on benefits? 

What happens when my benefits run out before I return to work? 

What if my claim is denied? 

What do I say in my telephone interview? 

What should I do if I get an EDD Notice of Potential Overpayment? 

To read AFA's Unemployment Benefits FAQs and get important contact information, click here.



Equalized Paychecks for Equalized Distribution of Hours.  Payroll currently compensates full-semester hourly assignments by calculating the total number of expected hours at the beginning of the semester, dividing equally by the number of paychecks for the semester (typically five for Fall or Spring), and then multiplying times the faculty member's hourly rate. Note that a mid-semester change to the actual hours taught, resulting from instances such as leaves of absence, co-teaching, medical leaves, substituting, etc., triggers a re-calculation of the hours and their re-distribution for the remainder of the pay periods.

FACCC Membership.  Do you have a 20% load or less?  "Opt in" for FACCC membership—it's free to join.

FACCC PT Listserve.  Stay abreast of important news about part-time faculty issues and receive messages directly from FACCC's professional staffers Jonathan Lightman and Andrea York. Join FACCC's part-time faculty listserve. Go to http://www.faccc.org/New/PartTime/PartTimeIndex.asp
Then click on "Join the Part-Time Listserve."

PT Retirement Workshop.  The Faculty Association of Foothill-Deanza invites SRJC adjunct faculty to join them for a FREE workshop to hear CalSTRS presenters discuss part-time faculty retirement on Friday, May 30, De Anza College, Fireside Room, 1250 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014, from 1:30pm-3:00pm.
RSVP to: Mary Ellen Goodwin 650-949-7746 or goodwinmaryellen@fhda.edu



EDD Debit Card

I've heard that EDD is now issuing debit cards instead of checks. Is that true?

Yes, in 2011, the EDD completed the transition from paper to plastic. Instead of delivering Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payments by check, EDD is now issuing the EDD Debit CardSM. Once you have received your card, you will have the option for a direct deposit transfer. For more information about the EDD Debit CardSM, click here.

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