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The excellent news of Prop 30's passage means that the budget picture, both on the state level and here at SRJC, is starting to come into sharper focus. Things are finally starting to look up, but Prop 30 is far from a cure-all, and the picture remains mixed. The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) foresees another $1.9 billion deficit for the State budget in 2013-14—that's the bad news—but notes that such a figure would represent the smallest deficit in the last 9 years—that counts, at this point, as the good news.

Here at SRJC, we might expect that, having planned for the trigger cuts that were prevented by Prop 30's passage, we should be looking at substantial new revenues for Spring 2013. Such, however, is not the case. Why? Read more »




Elections for seats to the AFA Executive Council are coming up in Spring of 2013. The wave of retirements that SRJC is currently going through is hitting AFA, too, and we are actively seeking new leaders. We invite and urge faculty members to consider running for an open Executive Council seat. Members of the Council will also be contacting faculty colleagues who might play a future leadership role in AFA, and inviting them to come to a Council meeting, to get a sense of what AFA does, how it works, and how important it is to our collective professional lives. But there is no need to wait for an invitation! Feel free to attend a Council meeting anytime; even better, contact a colleague who represents you on the Council, and ask your colleague to accompany you to a meeting. For contact information for Council members
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