Adjunct Faculty Retirement Options


Is the retirement plan option you have chosen for your employment at SRJC the best fit for you?

Do you know what your options are and the differences between them?

Do you know which plan you're enrolled in?

At SRJC, adjunct faculty members have three retirement plan options from which to choose: the CalSTRS Cash Balance Program, the Fidelity Investment Plan, and the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program. Following is a very basic description of those three plans and some suggestions as to where to go to get more information.

Not sure which plan you're enrolled in? Check your pay stub at and:

Thinking of switching plans?

If you are currently participating in either the Cash Balance Program or the Fidelity Investments Plan, it may be advantageous—under certain circumstances—to switch to the Defined Benefit Program. Switching between the Cash Balance Program and the Fidelity Investments Plan is not allowable, nor is switching back to Cash Balance or Fidelity once you elect to enroll in the Defined Benefit Program.

What about Social Security?

Even though SRJC does not currently offer Social Security as a retirement plan option, you may be eligible for Social Security from other employment, and your Social Security benefit may be impacted by the fact that you will receive a benefit from your SRJC retirement plan.

Retirement is a complicated issue, and each person's situation is unique. For these reasons, AFA recommends that you educate yourself as much as possible before you think about making any changes to your SRJC retirement plan. Many sources of information are available online. For example, in addition to the links provided above:

If you have questions, you can also contact the Payroll Department. Lisa Hotchkiss (527-4502 or and Deepa Desai (527-4500 or are great resources of information. And, lastly, you might want to consider consulting a financial advisor or benefits advisor.



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