Hourly Assignments and Your SRJC Email Account


Attention: Faculty Interested in Spring 2013 Hourly Assignments

Departments are beginning their work on developing the Spring 2013 schedule, and this means that the complex process of making hourly assignment recommendations is once again underway. This issue of Update includes a lengthy piece on Article 16, the section of the Contract that addresses all aspects of hourly assignments, including definitions, rights, obligations, processes, and procedures.

For now, the important thing for all faculty interested in an hourly assignment in Spring 2013 is to watch your Outlook account for timely announcements from your department. Outlook is the District's official method of communicating information about scheduling, including soliciting faculty interest in an hourly assignment for the upcoming term, and soliciting information about faculty preferences regarding assignments. It is the faculty member's responsibility to respond to all such email queries by stated deadlines.

AFA wants you to have the load that you are contractually entitled to. Do your part to make this happen, and keep an eye on your Outlook account!



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